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Location: Hawley, Minnesota, United States

Monday, September 20, 2004

Here is a recent arial photo of the Perkins place in Minnesota. Hopefully a great resting spot for the migratory birds this fall!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

A Trip to Canada

90 deg F late September in Minnesota? Well it was great for my cousin-in-law's wedding Saturday evening in Winkler, Manitoba. The wedding was very beautiful and I enjoyed it very much. This is the 2nd Mennonite wedding I've been to and I still don't understand how they can toast the bride and groom without any wine???

So I looked up the word "toast" in the dictionary and it comes for late Middle English. I guess they used to put toast in their wine to add flavor. The idea now being that persons name flavors the drink as the toast does. Well I guess Mennonites add a lot more spices to a drink than most so they don't need to start with wine :-) I never thought I would do those smily face things, but they say so much.

Anyway we had a good time God bless Charlene and Todd.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Getting the hang of it.

Thanks everybody for the responces!

Dayna is still not feeling the greatest, but doing better. I hope to be building some deer stands sometime this week. Archery season for deer starts this Saturday, but the family and I will be in Winnipeg for Cheryls' cousins wedding. Looking forward to going out the following weekend.

It's a real delima. The fishing is starting to get really good. Hunting season for waterfowl starts next weekend as well as deer. Plus the weather is getting just right for brewing outdoors!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Close up

Danya getting the boat ready for another outing!

One of the many abnormally sized smallies in MN. This was part of a volunteer analysis of the Otter Tail River system for this species.

This summer fly fishing in Ontario. Average size Northern among many smallmouth.

This is my river rig for fly fishing the many rivers in Minnesota. Much easier to navigate than a canoe with one person and very portable.

Casey measuring 15# grain for a good brew!

Casey stirring up the mash for a no sparge batch

Dayna grinding the malt