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Location: Hawley, Minnesota, United States

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Walk In the Prairies

Enjoying a nice snack next to the Buffalo River. We had a mink run right next to us down the river bed. Saw several different types of ducks, geese, deer, heard pheasants, and prairie chickens. A few song birds are back from their winter vacation.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Girls Helping Dad Organize Ice Fishing Box

Notice on Maddilyn's shirt, she has found new jewlery wear.
This Saturday maybe the last time out. The ice is just starting to get rotten. It is still a good 2' think but is pulling away from the shore on the smaller lakes. We may have to get some planks to get out on the ice tomorrow.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Late Ice with Dad

Dayna proud of her catch in more than 20ft of water out on Lake Lizzie.

Can you say sunburn in Minnesota in

early April? It was a beatiful sunny 50 degs on the ice and the fish were biting. Unfortunately I forgot the sunscreen so we are dealing with some sunburn, but it was a lot of fun on the ice. Casey is becoming a good fisherwoman.

Later that night we went to the neighbors and grilled up over 80 fish and hamburger from one of their cows. The geese and duck are flying all around.

I was able to get up one stake for a duck house in our pond. More to come.

Sunday Afternoon Nap with Dad