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Monday, October 04, 2004

Good times at the Perkins! Check out the new polar fleece Cheryl made for me!

Here’s Brett (a friend from church) and I after decoying a couple of mallards. Brett got both these birds at over 50 yards with a 20ga! Great shot, never mind his first time duck hunting.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Who would Jesus vote for?

Well my brother Bear encouraged me to write more about my thoughts on this thing so here is what I’m thinking about.

Who should I vote for? Neither politician really represents what I believe or want in a leader. What is my civic duty? As some would say "What would Jesus do?" Right that’s what we as Christians should do whatever Jesus would do? That’s another debate I think…

Maybe I should vote for a third party to make a point? No this makes me feel like I’m sitting on the side lines and just waiting for somebody else to do something. Also b/c of the US gov/political structure what can a 3rd part do anyway? What changes can they make? Plus no third party really represents what I believe or want in a leader anyway.

Maybe the lesser of two evils? What am I saying?…basically Bush would lead this country down the wrong road slower than Kerry? So vote for Bush. I have a problem voting this way because my vote is a symbol of my approval to give this person power. How can I do this? It’s like supporting something I don’t believe in?

Maybe I shouldn’t vote at all! But somehow I feel this is my "right", "God given duty", and if I don’t vote then I can’t complain about what is going on around me. Well I started thinking how really it is not a God given right to vote, but more how very unpopular it is not to vote. People are usually more upset when they find out you didn’t vote as opposed to voting for their candidates’ counter part. Why is it such a sin not to vote? Well I’m beginning to think it isn’t a sin and maybe the right thing to do.

Not voting right now makes the most sense to me…

I would not be encouraging politicians and parties to continue what they are doing and I don’t agree with.

If you view voting as "giving approval (at some kind of level) for that person (really political party) to have coercive power over people" then you it could be viewed that you are approving of whatever that person does while in office. E.g. abortion, killing innocent people in war, etc. But if you don’t vote you don’t have this dilemma.

Wait…. I have more but have to help Casey & Dayna make some Oatmeal cookies. Anyway would love to hear some responses before I continue…

Friday, October 01, 2004

Here is me and my new ride! No... I'm not going though a middle age crisis. I hit a deer with my Expedition and it will be in the body shop for a couple days. I have a business relationship with the owner and he was short on what he would typically use in this situation so the Mustang was an obvious choice.

I have been getting a lot more attention from the opposite sex and people in blue uniforms.
Oh ya, Casey loves this car. She noticed it right away and would not stop bugging me about taking her for a ride in it.